Law and Order

Keeping law and order we had and we have our some police officers in our family:  Police commissioner Wilhelm Joseph Conrad Huthsteiner was working in Barmen, Wuppertal, and Erfurt. Police officer Josef Hutstein is actually working in Passau Ulrike Hutsteiner was working as a helicopter pilot for the austrian police. Johann Hutstein    ... Read More

Artists, actors and musicians

  As already written before one of our family members had been a famous painter: Rudolph Huthsteiner. Just look at: But there is also one more painter in our family, already well known in Germany: Chris Huthsteiner. And there are some musicians: Thomas Hutsteiner from Austria was at the drums for the band Prochoice from 1994 to 1999  Michael Hutsteiner is an Austrian composer and engineer who specializes in electronic and computer music.   […]... Read More
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And they met again

It is an amazing matter that members of our major family lines visited the same locations or even met far away from their origin again. Needless to emphasize, that this happened during a time when there was no car and no airplane available. Mainly they reached their destinations by foot and there was no google to search for one’s family. So it was pure coincidence.     Eugene Gustave Huthsteiner from Tell city was heavily […]... Read More