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Geldern 1634

  In 1634 Friedrich Hutstein was born to Peter Hutstein and Maria Smitz in Geldern. Unfortunately no more info about Hutstein in this regions and time could be found, but in the Netherlands there had been families Houtsteijn (Hutsteijn, Houtsteen), which could be an early type mismatch. Houtsteijn pronounciation in English is like “H-out-stine” and translated like Wood-stone (germ: Holzstein). ... Read More
driving school

Driving instructors

  It seems that within our family there is a special talent: to be an instructor in driving licence training schools.   In 1961 Hutstein Alfons founded a driving school in Vilshofen which is actually operated by the family already in their 3rd generation. Also Hutsteiner Alfred in Obermenzing, Munich founded a driving school in the late 20th century.   ... Read More