Moo: my own one

Yes it’s my own post, it’s Josef Hutstein‘s post.  

Me, mainly known as Joe, graduated and awarded Dipl-Ing. (FH) and Dipl-Wirtschaftsing (FH), was working for about 13 years in Russia doing  several technical presentations in front of at least 4 different Russian ministers and even in front o Mr. Putin – shortly before he became  president. In fact, close business relations to governmental customers in India, China and mainly Russia had been my fate, very often doing business with their organizations as the national banks, their secret service, military, national railway organizations etc.

It already started during my studies when I was working for a NATO study which followed me later on to my new work place at Siemens AG and when I became the planning guy for a secret network of all German embassies worldwide.

At the age of 50 a heart disease was diagnosed, the hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy.

After an already signed contract with China was cancelled I went to Russia and it became my home where I met my wife Lilia, a member of russian aristocrat family Zybin from southwestern Russia, which was deported to Kyrgyz republic after WWI by the communists, and my step daughter Maria there.

Always felt good and cosy in Moscow.

A part of my own family tree, which actually covers 60K persons and up to 13 generations:

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