huthsteiner george edward2 Estonia Order of the Cross of the Eagle1 US Major George E . Huthsteiner inspecting Finnish dragoon drills in Karhumäki, USSR, 17.09.1942 Finland Order of the White Cross Latvia Order of the three stars Finnish, German, Italian, French, American (Huthsteiner) and Japanese officers stand in front of Lenin's statue in Finnish-occupied Petrozavodsk 2 October 1942

The American colonel

George Edward Huthsteiner born in Tell city, Indiana, 1891, joined the American army in April 1916 during World War I as a private at the Headquarters Company, Second Field Artillery, Ninth Cavalry.  Major George E. Huthsteiner had been military Attaché to the three Baltic states and Finland from January 16th, 1939, until 1942. He reported about Soviet military power and the Soviet-Finnish winter war of 1939-1940. Huthsteiner was an American military diplomat, US Deputy Military […]... Read More