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Lost in US

Missing link to this guy. As mentioned he came from Bavaria, but not sure is it nowadays Bavaria or even the Palatinate which was part of Bavaria at these times. Oh yes, Trump ancestors had been Bavarians, too :) Update: his wife Katharina obviously came from Alzey. So, quite sure he is a member of the Westphalian-Hesse families.
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Lost in Leopoldschlag / Lower Austria

Still I could not find Josef Hutsteiner’s origin. I suppose if someone finds records about his daughter Juliana it could be solved. Problem is that he occurs with different age in marriage and death report. Some potential candidates are exsiting but can not be verified.
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Another Hutstein in Eichstaett, Upper Bavaria

Another issue ist Hutstein Simon in Preith. Still I’m thinking, that this family does not blong to any ‚Hutstein‘-line but to ‚Holzstein‘ instead. Sometimes this became mixed up. Also there is one guy (Matthias Hutstein) who claimed to come from City of Eger, Austria (k.+k. monarchy, now Czech republic), but I could not find any Hutstein records there. Instead – I guess – he was born in Preith. There Matthias became a suspect and was searched for murder 3rd degree by police in Kipfenberg. Could be he went to Munich/Aubing to hide himself and claimed to be another Person and from another Country ! Just a guess ! Also it could be, that his grandpa Johann Adam is identical with Johann Adam from the Catholic line inWestphalian families..we will se.
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Lost Veit in Eisgarn

Veit Hutsteiner married two times in Eisgarn, but unfortunatelly no other information and no other Hutsteiners found close by.
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An orphan family

this family does not link to any tree. Does anybody know where Josef H. married Magdalena Reindl ?
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Julius Hutstein, Ohio

Missing also a 1863 civil war volunteer from Hamilton, Ohio. He was a druggist in later times and during war working at hospitals. Pinpointing to Wilhelm Huthsteiner in Marburg ?
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David Huthsteiner ~1790

Searching for more info about him in Jessen, Hemsendorf....
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Where did he live

Searching for Virgil's family. Only his daughter Agnes is mentioned in church records of Wegscheid. But there should have been more kids… So, where did he live ?
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Mysterious Hutsteiner in Hesse

Suddenly some new Hutstein/Hutsteiner popped up in southern Hesse. This I expected due to the fact that some family members were lost there. Especially Carl Hutsteiner is very interesting for me, as he lived around 1650 there. Does anybody have any info ? I have the feeling that this Hutsteiner is a type mismatch only and the real name is Hertsteiner, who lived in this region, too.
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