I.3 One single origin


Actual research is pinpointing to a single origin of all Hutsteiner/Hutstein families. This origin is located in Hutstein, a small hamlet located in Upper Austria close to the bavarian town of Wegscheid.

It does not imply that all Hutsteiner/Hutstein are members of one single family. In fact, it is likely that they are descendants of at least two different families with the same surname and a single origin.

cadastre map of 1860

This hamlet of Hutstein had two fiefs, the first of which was under the rule of Rannariedl from 1509, the second to the rule of Falkenstein, which was documented from 1537. Both fiefdoms were of the same size.

The very first fiefdom was probably not divided as both were subject to different lords, but a second one was cleared shortly after 1509. Therefore we can assume that two different families sat on these two fiefs, whose descendants later received the surname Hutsteiner, but possibly no direct family relationship existed.

sequence of fief owners (base cadastre map of 1860)

As the road from next village, Vatersreith,  ends at the southern fief first it can be identified as the Rannariedl’s fief mentioned in the 1509 Urbar.

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