IV.4 War participants

Napoleonic Wars
fr. Legion of Honor 3rd class 1809

Col. Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner (Obrist) had been artillery officer during the war. He commanded 2 cannons and 2 mortars and was stationed in the city of Glogau, later in Löwenberg/Silesia. He was awarded with the saxonian medal of St. Heinrich (Knight).

After Saxony was defeated it became part of the Napoleonic alliance. Huthsteiner was awarded on 06.07.01813. with the medal of the French Legion of Honour.

In 1817 within a directory of the prussian army and in 1819 he was mentioned as ‘von Hutsteiner’ in a document about the 7-years war in the Pyrenees and it seems that he got knighted at that time as the prefix ‘von’ is a part of an aristocrat title. He became retired around 1824.

sax. medal of St. Heinrich

BTW: on 11.5.1809 he took quarters with his unit close to Osterhofen with the French army on the way to Austria via Passau. An interesting fact that members of all three major  family lines were in Osterhofen, a small town in lower Bavaria, during the 19th century.

Friedrich August Huthsteiner, son of Col. Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner, was killed during the siege of Torgau 1813.

Johann Wilhelm Huthsteiner joined the Royal Prussian Silesian Grenadier Battalion and fought against Napoleon. His traces got lost in 1813 around Wiesbaden.

August Hutsteiner joined the dutch royal army in 1814 and was fighting with the 27th Jager battalion against Napoleon at Waterloo on 18th June 1815. Obviously he survived the battle at Waterloo as no comment like “Brabant 1815” occurs in his military roll.

World War I

Walter Hutstein was reported missing at the end of WWI.

World War II

Artur August Ernst Hutstein

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