A brief history of the Hutsteiner family

  Current state of research The hamlet of Hutstein was first mentioned in documents in 1509 when a Tameln (probably Thomas) paid taxes to the Rannariedl lordship on Huestain. Over time, this Huestain became the hamlet of Hutstein, with a farm belonging to the Rannariedl estate and another farm belonging to the Falkenstein estate. The ancestry of the majority of the Hutsteiner family can now be traced back to the inhabitants of this hamlet, which […]... Read More
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I. General

Our family surname obviously originated in the vicinity of the hamlet Hutstein in Upper Austria, close to the border to Bavaria, town Wegscheid.  A ‘Hutstein’ or ‘Hutestein’  in former times had been a landmark for pasture areas. It is derived from the german words ‘hüten’ which means ‘to guard’. And ‘-stein’, in English ‘stone’ or ‘rock’. But here we are not talking about small stones to show the pasture areas’ or region’s border, but natural […]... Read More

I.1 Hutstein, Huthsteiner, Huetstainer…

It is interesting to see, that within the hessian and Saxonian families the name Hutstein resp. Hutsteiner was obviously used without taking to much care of the ending -er (or any -h- in between). For the same person mentioned in the records it is possible to find all different spellings used in parallel. I recognized in the records that in Bavaria and Austria the name is very rarely used with an -h- and around the […]... Read More