IV. Saxony

All family members Hutstein(-er) in Saxony probably originated around Hartmannsdorf close to the city of Zwickau. It seems that the family moved to Hartmannsdorf around ~1630 as there are no other members found in the neighbouring parishes before.

On the other hand there has been a place/hill called ‚Hutstein‘ not far away from Hartmannsdorf close to Raschau, district of Schwarzenberg, so this could be a place to search for their origin, too.

There are some hints that the family could be related directly to the Hessian Huthsteiner families as there had been some other links in Hartmannsdorf to Hessian aristocrats from Burguffeln (close to the city of Kassel) who settled in Saxony in the 18th century. Further research is actually not possible as church records in Saxony are still not accessible freely.

The classification into Zwickau-, Dresden- or Borna-line is done a little bit arbitrarily as it is just oriented at major family living regions. In fact, as stated above, all families are out of the Zwickau-line.

map Hartmannsdorf / Kirchberg and Borna / Leipzig

The family is of protestant confession only.

In this area it was also common to use ‚th‘ in ‚Huth‘ thus several of the family members‘ names are spelled as ‚Huthstein(er)‘.

Obviously the family name became extincted in the 1970s with one of the last members living in Hamburg.



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