Seven Generations of Tailors

You ever heard about Lagerfeld, Chanel and Co., but did You know about the 7 Hutsteiner generations of tailor masters from Saxony  ? Mathias Hutsteiner was the first in a long row of tailor masters, followed by his son Johannes Heinrich, his grandson Christian Heinrich, followed by Friedrich August and finally by August Ludwig. His son Johann Friedrich Wilhelm emigrated to the US and worked as tailor there followed by his son William and daughter […]... Read More

A friend of Friedrich Engels

Everybody know about Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels nowadays who wrote the communist manifest and had been founder of the Marxism ideology. But everybody forgot about the police commissioner and censor in Barmen, home town of Friedrich Engels, who lost his position and became demoted  as he did not forbid some of theses thesis in local publications and local conferences of communist party.   Wilhelm Joseph Conrad Huthsteiner had been chief of police in Barmen […]... Read More