The dark side

Johann Hutsteiner from Linz was imprisoned 1905 and 1910 for sexual fornication with little girls. Several other Hutsteiner were arrested for having brawls with their neighbours. Hutstein Mathias was searched for attempted manslaughter in 1810. Another Hutsteiner was arrested in 1918 for some months as he has hidden his deserted son during the WWI.... Read More

1550: First known Hutsteiner

The first known Hutsteiner, is Tameln – likely the austro-bavarian pronounciation of ‚Thomas‘ – living in Hutstein, Austria. He is mentioned in an old tax document available in the states archive of Austria, Vienna. In fact, in this document he is not really designated as ‚Hutsteiner‘, as surnames did arise during these times only, but living in the hamlet of Hutstein made him an ‚Hutsteiner‘, or in a more correct way a ‚Huetstainer‘ in local […]... Read More
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Ellis Island immigration

Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner had been the first of the Westphalian families to emigrate to the US. It is unclear when exactly he reached the US, but in the records of New York a Hutsteiner, who does match his age, was recorded who arrived on 6th of November 1848 with the vessel SS Washington. His wife Caroline, together with her sons Gustav and Heinrich, daughter Lina and baby Amelia, who was born on the sea […]... Read More
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US migrations

Graphics below shows early main migration paths of Hutsteiner emigrant families in the US. While the Saxonian emigrants stayed in New York resp. Jersey – the point of arrival of all families, i.e. mainly Ellis Island – , others moved within the US to main sites with German or German speaking immigrants.... Read More