My parents

Josef Hutstein
Marianne Simet



My parents

My father Josef Hutstein was a carpenter and my mother was a maid at another farm before she worked on our farm only.

A coronary heart disease was diagnosed when he was 50 years all and he had to retire. As I myself got the diagnose of a  genetical disease, the hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, probably this was also the one he had to suffer from.  

At time of retirement his life expectancy was estimated to about 2 years only. He was a heavy smoker -usually one package of ‘Mokri’ filter cigarettes a day- and he deceased early aged 56 years due to a cold he caught. Unfortunately he suffered a lot from the fact that his serious decease was not immediately visible for his friends and mates. 

Also my mother died early, aged 53 years only: a few years after a very large, visible myoma on the abdomen operation in hospital, she was again in hospital for an intestinal entanglement operation: During her stay at the intensive care unit she got pneumonia and died of it.

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