In 1848 the first Huthsteiner emigrated to the US.

Georg Friedrich Eduard – called ‚Edward‘ – and his wife Marie Caroline Achenbach became the ancestors of most living Huthsteiners in the US.

Gustave migrated with his parents from Prussia to Cincinnati, OH., USA ~ 1862 and then proceeded to Tell City, IN. A couple years later where he married Pauline Carolyn Weber and resided around Tell City, Perry County, Indiana. After his 1st wife’s death, Gustave had a 2nd marriage to Louisa Ludwig and had 5 more children. After Gustave died, his son, Robert Edward Huthsteiner, moved his step-mother, Louisa and her children to Schenectady, NY, where some of Robert’s brothers had moved for employment opportunities with General Electric and American Automotive. Schenectady also offered a good college for the boys and a private school for Helen. This is how the Louisa Ludwig Huthsteiner side of the family became Easterners in NY. Later, Robert Edward Huthsteiner, returned to Indiana. (from Ted Huthsteiner site:




A  little bit later another young guy went to the US: Ernst Emil Friedrich Carl Huthsteiner, called ‚Ernst‘ or ‚Ernest‘.

Interessting, the two families did not know about each other until Ernst‘ daughter Louise got a letter from E.G. Huthsteiner, wondering about coincidence of name. Just have a look to Ted Huthsteiner site for more info and the letter of E.G. Huthsteiner.

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