A Convert


Obviously, Philipp Jacobus Hutstein was a convert, i.e. born within a protestant family he converted around 1745 to catholicism.

The protestant parish book of Laufenselden from 1692-1742 mentions him to be born into the shepherd’s family of Johann Adam Hutstein and his wife Catharina Elisabeth in 1717.

Why did he convert ? This sis till not known and part of further research. May be he converted due to his wife, may be he converted because the actual landlord converted or changed – in some counties this happened several times in a life time – or other possible reasons. 

It seems that his first son Johann Heinrich still was baptised in the Lutheran parish still, while Johann Heinrich’s siblings were baptised in the catholic parish of Watzelhan. When Johann Heinrich married in 1765 it was especially noted, that he became dismissed from the Lutheran parish of Kemel. 

Philipp Jacob became the forefather of the catholic line of Westphalian-Hesse-Nassau Hutstein families.


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