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At the location Hutstein there had two dominions, Rannariedl and Falkenstein, a loan given away. It is important to know that both Rannariedl and Falkenstein originally belonged to one aristocrat family, the counts of Falkenstein. Therefore, both, Rannariedl and Falkenstein, had loans in the same villages and locations as the territory was equally divided when the Falkensteiner had to pledge Rannariedl in 1301 for the first time. 

castle Rannariedl
castle Falkenstein

That’s the primary reason why Rannariedl as well Falkenstein gave away a  loan at Hutstein.




While in the Urbar of Rannariedl of 1488 no place ‘Huestain’ or similar was recorded or could be identified,  in 1509 there was Tameln (Thomas) in Hutstein acc. to the second Urbar of the dominion Rannariedl. It seems that between 1488 and 1509 the forest was cleared at this location and a loan was erected. 

the very first Hutstein record (right page, middle entry: Huestain)

Thomas Hutsteiner is mentioned in another tax document of the dominion of Rannariedl from 1509:

Thamel (Hutsteiner) donated imperial tax 1509


In 1537 the Urbar of dominion Falkenstein mentioned Hans Hutsteiner at the Hutstein (Huettenstain)

In 1562 the farm at Hutstein was inhabited by Hannsl (Johann) Hutsteiner, perhaps the Hannsl above. The location was noted as Huetstain.

Hutstein: Urbar Falkenstein 1562


In 1570 the Hutstein-farm was owned by Bangraz (Pankratz) Hutsteiner, but it is not known, whether he was a son of Johann above. The location was recorded as Hüettenstain.

Hutstein: Urbar Falkenstein 1570

In 1607 there was still Pongratz (Pangratz) Hutsteiner as farmer listed there. Could be it was the same as Pankratz in 1570.

Pangratz Hutsteiner was followed by Zacharias Hutsteiner.


In 1581 in dominion of Rannariedl a Steffan Hutsteiner was registered at the Hutstein.

Hutsteiner Steffan 1581 in Urbar of dominion Rannariedl

Steffan is again mentioned in a tax document from Rannariedl of 1581:

Steffan Hutsteiner tax document 1581

In 1581 a Hans paid tax at the Hutstein:


Rannariedl’s loan at Hutstein probably changed its owner around 1590 as Hanns Aumülner was recorded to pay tax there on 18th January 1591. Perhaps he is identical with the above mentioned Hanns Hutsteiner ?


Meanwhile, Michael Hutsteiner occurred in a document of dominion Rannariedl 1590, but his location was not given:


While the Rannariedl’s Hutstein loan did not accommodate any Hutsteiner anymore after 1590, in the dominion Falkenstein there still was one:  Pongratz Hutsteiner. In terms of the time frame Pongraz of 1608 could be identical to the 1570’s Bangraz.


While surnames established during the 16th century and most of the underlings in 1581’s Urbar were named by their surname, it is necessary to mention that the surname Hutsteiner (Huetstainer) popped up within the dominion of Rannariedl and Falkenstein, the Hutsteiner origin, before 1600 very rarely. This confirms that the location (and the name and surname) was established only shortly before, i.e. 1509.   

  Hutstein: Urbar Falkenstein 1607

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