The Hannsl Hutsteiner farm

The second Hutsteiner farm located at the Hutstein in Upper Austria was recorded first in 1537. In the Falkenstein Urbar of 1537 Hannsl (=Johann) paid his taxes there, so it was founded and the wood was cleared there in the years before 1537. Unfortunately no earlier document is available to state more detailed when the farm was really founded and the forest cleared there.

The size of the farm was: “9 Tagwerk” (= ~ 9 x 3407 square meters) fields, “4 Tagwerk” (= ~ 4 x 3407 square meters) meadows und “ein Tagwerk” (= ~ 3407 square meters) forest.

If we look carefully again to the course of the road to Hutstein it shows that the Themel Hutsteiner farm was the first one erected there and the road directly ends at the gate of the farm. The Hannsl Hutsteiner farm was founded after the first one, as it is a little bit aside the first farm there and the road bends to the right. Therefore it shows us that the second farm was founded between 1509 and 1537.

Nowadays it does not exist anymore in the size of the original farm, but a much smaller one is there instead of it.

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