II.4. Emigrants

Also from Bavaria some Hutsteiner left their home and emigrated to America: Joseph Hutsteiner was born in Hartmannsreut, parish Wegscheid where all the austro-bavarian Hutsteiners come from, married Georgina Altendorfer from Mistlberg, also close to Wegscheid, but already in Austria and went to the US around 1921 after the first world war. His first son was born in Bavaria, other children already in the US. From a village close to Hartmannsreut, called Aiglsöd, Johann Hutsteiner […]... Read More
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II.5. Famous Persons

OH YES ! For our most famous German soccer team FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN, which meanwhile is known worldwide, Georg Hutsteiner shot some goals during the seasons from 1922 to 1931 and won 6  german major cups with his club. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georg_Hutsteiner Did he ever think that his team will be known even in China and US in future ?     Ernst Hutsteiner was mayor of Langenstein – a city close to Linz, Upper Austria –  […]... Read More

IV.6. Famous Persons

A famous person was Carl Friedrich Julius Hutsteiner, called Julius, a scientist who lived in Breslau. He wrote lots of scientific papers around 1850 – about drug chemistry, fireworks, orchidees and bees – and founded a drug company in Breslau. In many other publications he was mentioned, too. You may want to search on google books for a lot of his papers: Search Books   Another one was Christian Hutsteiner  who had an occupation as cashier […]... Read More

III.5. Famous Persons

One of the well known persons of these families is Rudolph Huthsteiner Born 1855 in Düsseldorf: He was a german painter with lots of paintings he did. There is actually a Wikimedia page existing where You can see some of his art pieces: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Rudolf_Huthsteiner http://www.artnet.de/künstler/rudolf-huthsteiner/ Interesting: in 1903 he did a painting of the basilica in Osterhofen. So he obviously spent some time quite close to my ancestors homes. Whether he ever noticed the Hutstein/Hutsteiners […]... Read More