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Hutstein Origins is dedicated to the worldwide Hutstein – Huthstein – Hutsteiner – Huthsteiner families and a research platform to find their origins, ancestors and descendants. It is intended to find some personal facts about the life of each Hutstein & Hutsteiner and where possible to publish a portrait. 

There are many different deriviations of the surname:

Hutsteiner, Huthsteiner, Huttsteiner, Huthstein, Huthstain, Huttstain, Hootstein, Hootstine, Huttstayner, Hutstine, Huetstain, Huetstainer, Houstein, Huttenstein, Huttensteiner, Huststein, Hutsztejn, Hutstainer, Hutstain, Hutstayner, Hutstayn, Huetstayn, Huetstayner, Hudstein, Hoodstein…

All above permutations are used for our entire families and the used spelling is depending on the person who was writing it and his regional dialect. Sometimes the same author used different spellings for a single person. Also, ‘Hutsteiner’ and ‘Hutstein’ are used equivalent.


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