The first BMD records

The first BMD records

The first baptism record 1588

In 1588 Magdalena Hutsteiner was baptised in the parish of Obernzell, lower Bavaria, close to Wegscheid.

This is the very first church record of any Hutsteiner. Unfortunately it does not mention Magdalena’s father in detail.

Magdalena Hutsteiner’s baptism record in parish Obernzell, Bavaria (#3)
The first marriage record 1627

The first marriage record of a Hutsteiner family member is about Thomas Hutsteiner’s first marriage on 27th July 1627 when he married Andreas Krieger’s widow Susanna in the parish of Sarleinsbach.

Thomas Hutsteiner’s marriage record in parish Sarleinsbach, Austria

There is a indirect marriage record of 1544 available, when Lienhard Hutsteiner had to pay a tax to his landlord for his marriage 1539.

I.3.1 Lienhardt Huetstainer

The first death record 1611

The first Hutsteiner death record can be found  again in the parish Sarleinsbach, Upper Austria. Two boys, both named Christoph, died in Mayrhof, Sarleinsbach, on their day of birth 20th October 1611. Both had been “frauengetauft”, i.e. it was an emergency baptism done by a midwife.

the twins Christoph/Christoph Hutsteiner’s death record in parish Sarleinsbach, Austria

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