My great-grandparents

Joseph Hutstein
Karolina Eglseder


My great-grandparents

according family legends my great-grandfather Joseph Hutstein was a quite wealthy man. Together with some companions he bought a steam engine and rented it to local farms for threshing.

My aunt once told me that our desk at home was full of gold coins when they bout it. Unfortunately he then invested or was forced to invest in war bonds during World War I and finally lost all his wealth.

the steam engine for threshing owned by our great-grandparents. To the very left there is Josef Hutstein standing

Together with his wife Karolina Joseph had one child: Franz Xaver Hutstein. Karolina herself had two more children from other spouses: Johann Nepomuk Eglseder, who later moved to Munich and founded an own family there, and a boy Josef Hafner, who died in childhood very early.

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