I.10 The dark side

I.10 The dark side

With a growing number of researched members of our families more and more family secrets are getting unveiled. Some of them are imprisonments of Hutsteiners due to brawls, domestic violence or even more severe cases:

from Wegscheid court balance 1669


from Wegscheid court balance 1669


Already in 1669 Michael Hutsteiner was known as a hothead and punished for insulting his neighbour.

Also Julius Hutsteiner was punished due to brawl in 1669.

from Wegscheid court balance 1669


Wegscheid court record 1724




Johann Hutsteiner from Niederwegscheid had to pay 1724 because he helped foreign beggars despite the ban

A bavarian arrest warrant was issued in 1873 for Huthstein Carl Friedrich Wilhelm.


Johann Hutsteiner from Linz was imprisoned 1905 and 1910 for sexual fornication with little girls.


Adalbert Hutsteiner got arrested 6 months due to domestic violence against son of his wife.


Josef Hutsteiner from Mistlberg got incarcerated for 2 years on a serious mayhem he did in 1868. 17 years old Josef and another guy attacked a guest of a beer pub just because of devilment and injured him seriously.

Johann Hutsteiner got 1 year in prison due to having sworn a perjury in another trial in 1879.

Johann Evangelist Hutsteiner from Malching got arrested due to mayhem in 1897.

Johann Hutsteiner from Mistlberg due to resistance to court decision in Wegscheid in 1873.

Joseph Hutsteiner from Mistlberg due to mayhem there was an arrest warrant issued in 1902.

Mathias Hutsteiner in Obernzell was arrested in 1875 for one year having brawled and injured someone.

Mathias Hutsteiner from Donauwetzdorf was arrested for about 2 months due to hunting crimes.

Several other Hutsteiners were arrested for having brawls with their neighbours.

Karl Hutstein from Panzing, Gangkofen was arrested for 6 months due to violence and was arrested again one week due to abuse in February 1874.

Karoline Hutstein from Munich was arrested for 3 months and 15 days of procuring in 1865.

Hutstein Mathias from Preith was searched for attempted manslaughter in February 1810 by wanted poster. http://hutstein.org/2018/02/16/searched-by-wanted-poster/


Franz and Friedrich Hutsteiner were arrested several weeks due to mistreating and hitting their father Johann Hutsteiner in April 1911.

Georg Hutsteiner was arrested in 1918 for 2 months as he has hidden his deserted son during the WWI.

According the Bayer. Central -Polizei-Blatt 1886 Rupert Hutstein was accused of theft.

Peter Andrew Huthsteiner confessed to having sexual intercourse with an eight-year-old girl and subsequently pleaded guilty to the crime of rape in the second degree and was sentenced to a term of 2 to 6 years in prison.

George Huthsteiner was 6 months in jail for billing a state insurance program for therapy which consisted of having sex with the woman while her boyfriend watched in 1982

Shannon Huthsteiner got arrested on 29.3.2019



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