II.1.7 Rinderpest

II.1.7 Rinderpest

In November 1873 the Rinderpest (cattle plague) hit the farm of Hutsteiner Mathias in Heindlschlag.  

Mathias brought some cattle from his father Mathias Hutsteiner in Mistlberg, who was a cattle dealer and obviously bought some infected ones south of Linz.  

Prompt 29 cows in a single cowshed in Heindlschlag and 33 in another one got infected and died. Also the villages Wildenranna and Sonnen where hit. A damage of at least 40’00 Gulden was noted.

The Bavarian government immediately sent soldiers to seal off the entire area around Heindlschlag, contain the epidemic there and kill all cattle.

Rinderpest ~1896

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