I.4 Hutstein 1509

I.4 Hutstein 1509

In 1509 the name Hutstein was first mentioned as ‘Huestain’ or ‘Am Huestain’ (=at the Huestain) in an old tax and a cadastre document (Urbar) of the dominion Rannariedl. An ‘Urbar’ is a description or list of all properties of a certain dominion or county. Often it was set up when a county changed its landlord i.e. when it was sold.

In the 1537 Urbar it is known as “Hüetterstain”- or “Huetstain”, a location within the Falkenstein dominion.

Castle Falkenstein in 1674 – nowadays only some ruins exist


Map: Rannariedl and Falkenstein

This ‘Urbar’ is stored in the Hofkammerarchiv in Vienna, Austria (State Archive Vienna). Hutstein is mentioned on pages ff. 23, 37.

In 1570 it is again part of a new ‘Urbar’ of dominion Falkenstein pages ff. 9, 52. Hutstein was called Huet- or Huettenstain there.

Castle Rannariedl in 1674

Huetstain was also mentioned in 1581 in an ‘Urbar’ of the neighbouring county of Rannariedl, which was owned by Falkensteiner counts, too.

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