Breslau – Silesia

Breslau ~ 1850

Carl Joseph Hutstein, a shoemaker, founded a family  in Breslau. Unfortunately it is still not known where Carl Joseph came from. As there aren’t any older Hutstein records in Breslau it is obvious that Carl Joseph came from abroad. Perhaps a child of Christian Hutstein in Dresden and born in Warsaw, Poland ? Or a missing child of Friedrich August Hutsteiner in Borna (successor uses the name ‘Carl’ often) ? 

Beside the fact, that there is no written evidence, it is still possible, that the family is of jewish origin, too. Around 1820 the records show a catholic family. Later, Julius` family obviously was of protestant origin, while in the 20th century the Techell/Tietz family jewish connections. Still some research work to do !

Also some Hustein (!) family members could have been the ancestors of Carl Joseph which later on become known as Hutstein. Still no further evidence.

Actually I’m assuming that Carl Joseph is somehow a part of the missing family of Daniel Hutsteiner in Meissen. Carl Joseph’s confession is catholic and the only “source” of catholic Hutsteiners in this area are persons originated from the catholic Hutsteiners in Warsaw, all others are of protestant origin. But all of this is still highly speculative.

Out of Carl Joseph’s family the famous Julius Hutstein originated, operated a chemical plant in the city, which existed until the 20th century, and who wrote lots of articles in science papers and books (see also famous people).

Assumed family tree of Daniel Hutsteiner in Meissen
death certificate Julius Hutstein
marriage record of Julius Hutstein at the Hofkirche Breslau
death record of Julius Hutstein, St. Dorothea, Breslau


school certificate of Julius Hutstein 1829
school certificate for Julius Hutstein
death record of Carl Joseph Hutstein, St. Dorothea, Breslau 
death record of Ferdinand Hutstein, St. Dorothea, Breslau

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