I.3.1 Lienhardt Huetstainer

While Tameln (Thomas) in 1509 and Hanns (Johann) in 1537 had been the first ones settling on the two fiefs at Hutstein, they never were recorded with their surname Hutsteiner, which was used for sure.

But then Lienhardt Huetstainer became the first mentioned family member with our surname recorded in 1545. A register from 1698 states all files, which were forwarded from the high court in Passau to the local court in Wegscheid: one of these files was about Lienhardt who asked for a licence for his mill in 1545, which was refused. This original file is unfortunately missing.

Nevertheless the permission to erect a mill close to Messnerschlag, Wegscheid, Bavaria, the later called Hutsteiner-Mill, nowadays Waldlmühle, was officially granted with restriction in 1547 and in full in 1553. The permit was renewed in 1560. This document of 1560 is still available:

permit copy 1560

Lienhard (Leonhard) Hutsteiner was the earliest recorded Hutsteiner, but brought to us more written documents then many others in the following 100 years as he was part of a dispute between the millers of Wegscheid county which was solved by the high court in Passau 1560. The file about this dispute is still existing and Lienhardt is mentioned many times. Out of this file’s info we are also able to estimate that Lienhard was born around 1520.

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