The siege of Glogau

Heinrich Christian Hutsteiner left us very detailed reports about the siege of the fortress Glogau in 1813, which is kept at the saxonian states archive.

The city Glogau was besieged for almost a year from 1813 to 1814. The Glogau fortress, which was occupied by around 9,000 French soldiers including their allies Saxon and Frankfurter soldiers, finally surrendered after a seven-month blockade (-26 degrees in winter, lack of food, desertions were the main cause). The remaining 1,800 defenders under General Laplane gave up on 10.04.1814

Hutsteiner was one of the defenders. He describes the building of barricades and the beginning of the siege from 20th of February until 26th of May 1913 in his first report:




















There is also a drawing (by R. Knötel) about the siege of Glogau existing:


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