III.1.1 The origin of the catholic families in Hesse-Nassau

Carl Hutsteiner from Budweis, Czech republic, became the forefather of the catholic line of Westphalian-Hesse-Nassau Hutstein families. It is unclear why Carl left Budweis and obviously he headed for Neuhäusel in Hungary – nowadays Nove Zamky in Slovakia – first and then to Martinsthal in Hesse-Nassau. Likely he was a protestant who got problems in reconverted Budweis and with the start of the counter reformation in Hungary beginning 1671, he fled and became the second important exulant in our Hutsteiner history. 

Beginning the 1670s he moved from Budweis resp. Neuhäusel to the Rheingau. A first child birth was recorded in the church records of Martinsthal in May 1672 (Andreas Hutsteiner). The record was written down in the catholic church records, but the book also covered protestant births at that time. Unfortunately it does not mention Carl’s confession.

baptism record of Andreas Hutsteiner 1672 in the Rheingau

The already known founder of all descendant families, Johann Adam Hutstein, was a son of Carl. His marriage is recorded in protestant church books of Dörsdorf, therefore we can assume that he and likely his father Carl was of protestant confession.  

Johann Adam was born in Neuhäusel, i.e. calculated something between 1667 and 1671 due to the age of father Carl (*1649). Likely father Carl came to Neuhäusel after the Osmans conquered the city in 1664 and fled the region and moved to Hesse-Nassau around 1671 when the counter reformation started brutally in Hungary.

Johann Adam’s marriage record of 1711

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