Moo: my own one


Moo: my own one

Yes it’s my own post, it’s Josef Hutstein‘s post.  

Me, graduated and awarded german Dipl-Ing. (FH) and Dipl-Wirtschaftsing (FH), was working for about 14 years in Russia and about 10 years in Munich, Germany. Close business relations to governmental customers in India, China and mainly Russia had been my fate, often doing business with the respective governmental organizations as e.g. their national banks, secret services, military or national railway organizations etc.

my own family tree

It already started during my studies when I was working for a NATO study group which followed me later on to my new work place at Siemens AG and when I became the planning guy for a secret network of all German embassies worldwide.

At the age of 50 a heart disease was diagnosed, the hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy.

my wife Lilia


My daughter Maria

After an already signed contract with our China office was cancelled I went to Russia and it became my home where I met my wife Lilia, a member of russian aristocrat family Zybin from southwestern Russia, which was one of the aristocrat families who were sent to Kyrgyz republic by Tsar Peter the Great to overlook and integrate new lands into the russian empire.

Always felt good and cosy in Moscow.

A part of my own family tree, which actually covers 60K persons and up to 13 generations:

my DNA coded origins according ethnical calculations of MyHeritage

our DNA coded descendant countries according ethnical calculations of MyHeritage


2 thoughts on “Moo: my own one”

  1. Hello Josef –
    I am helping to research a biography which includes a small section on Louis Huthsteiner (1893-1969). I was interested to see your post about the Indiana branch of the Huthsteiner family ( You mention on that page that Louis wrote an unpublished autobiography. Do you know where that is located?

    I am already in possession of ‘Up the Mountain Road.’

    Thank you for your help and congratulations on your excellent website.

    1. Thank You Peter,

      unfortunately I don’t know where it is. I would be interested in it, too.
      I have this info from a text which I got from Ted Huthsteiner.


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