I.6.2 Ellis Island immigration

I.6.2 Ellis Island immigration

Georg Friedrich Eduard Huthsteiner had been the first of the Westphalian families to emigrate to the US. It is unclear when exactly he reached the US, but in the records of New York a Hutsteiner, who does match his age, was recorded who arrived on 6th of November 1848 with the vessel SS Washington. His wife Caroline, together with her sons Gustav and Heinrich, daughter Lina and baby Amelia, who was born on the sea while travelling, arrived with the ship Monterey on 27th of September 1848 and was recorded on Ellis Island. I.e. Edward’s family arrived more than a month earlier. Quite uncommon.

Ellis Island

Ernst Emil Friedrich Carl Huthsteiner emigrated via Ellis Island to the US in 1876 by a ship called “Goethe”

Wilhelm ‘William’ Hutstein immigrated in 1851 onboard the ‘A Becboudson’, followed by his wife and daughte Emma. Obviously William died onboad another vessel in 1888.

In 1907 Hutsteiner Catharina and her sister Paulina emigrated to the US. They arrived on Ellis Island after crossing the Atlantic onboard the ship Majestic.


A member of the jewish Hutstein families, Michael ‘Mechal’ Hutstein immigrated in 1898 onboard the ship ‘Weimar’ coming from Bremen.


Hutsteiner ‘Hans’ Johann came to Ellis Island together with his wife Anna, daughter Johanna and Marie and his son Johann in 1927 onboard of the ship ‘Stuttgart’.


Hutsteiner Joseph immigrated onboard the Sierra Ventana with his wife Georgina and son Joseph.

Sierra Ventana

Friedrich Hutsteiner immigrated onboard the ‘Dresden’ in 1929.

SS Dresden

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