Hutsteiner Mill

the old Hutsteiner Mill around 1910

In 1543 Lienhardt Huetstainer got the permission to erect a mill at the Osterbach (Oster creek), also known as Grenzbach (border creek) as it defines the border between Germany/Bavaria and Austria/Upper Austria, close to the village Messnerschlag,  parish Wegscheid.

For a long time this mill was known as Hutsteinermühle (Hutsteiner-Mill). While in 1643 it was already occupied by family Pogner it still was called Hutsteinermühl`,  and only later, after 1840,  the name Waldlmühle became common.

location of the Hutsteiner mill with the channel for the old mill wheel – the Osterbach/Grenzbach is to the right, close to the forest, i.e. while the field is still in Bavaria, the forest already belongs to Austria


from the other side
The Grenzbach, the border Austria – Bavaria



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