Missing links


Missing links

Hutsteiner Josef oo 1804 in Leopoldschlag, Austria 

Still I could not find Joseph Hutsteiner’s origin. I suppose if someone finds records about his illegitimate born daughter Juliana this could be solved finally.

Mathias Hutstein

Also there is one guy (Matthias Hutstein) who claimed to come from City of Eger, Austria (now Czech republic), but I could not find any Hutstein records there. Instead – I guess – he was born in Preith. Matthias became a suspect and was searched for murder 2nd degree by police in Preith. Could be he went to Munich/Aubing to hide himself and there he simply claimed to be another person ! Just a guess !  

Further missing confirmation of links

Some important but missing written confirmations:

We found the Michael Hutsteiner who obviously moved around 1626 from Hofkirchen i.M. in Upper Austria to Hartmannsdorf in Saxony.

Missing written confirmation from Bavaria to Saxonia


Missing link to Hutstein

Although there are many Hutsteiners included in the actual database the direct link of our well known families to the hamlet Hutstein is still not confirmed, i.e. no family tree of our Hutsteiner families from present back to 1590 ends up at any known Hutsteiner from hamlet Hutstein for sure. Probably, some of them do, but we still do not have any written evidence about it as we do have only low  written information.

There is an assumption that Michael Hutsteiner founding his family in Niederwegscheid could have been the son of Wolfgang Stölzl Hutsteiner from the Rannariedl fief at Hutstein and Thomas Hutsteiner from Aiglsoed was son of Leonhard Hutsteiner in Grettenbach.

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