II.4.2 Emigrants to the US

II.4.2 Emigrants to the US

Also from Bavaria some Hutsteiner left their home and emigrated to America:

Joseph Hutsteiner was born in Hartmannsreut, parish Wegscheid where all the austro-bavarian Hutsteiners come from, married Georgina Altendorfer from Mistlberg, also close to Wegscheid, but already in Austria and went to the US around 1921 after the first world war. His first son was born in Bavaria, other children already in the US.

Hartmannsreut (from Google maps) neighbouring Aiglsöd to the northeast

From a village close to Hartmannsreut, called Aiglsöd, Johann Hutsteiner emigrated to US and settled around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. So, some of the living Hutsteiner descendants in US have Bavarian origin.

Milwaukee 1900

Another Emigrant to US is Alois Hutsteiner, often misspelled as Louis, because in Bavarian dialect we are calling him ‚Lo-is‘, i.e. without the preceding ‘A’. He was living in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, but there are no known descendants carrying the family name and his only daughter had been adopted from his wife’s sister.

Sheboygan 1900

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