I.6.4 Important Hutsteiner Places

I.6.4 Important Hutsteiner Places

Some pictures about places and hotspots where Hutsteiner family members were born, lived, worked and died:

New York ~ 1860

New York (Ellis Island) had been the entry point of several Hutsteiner immigrants to the USA.

Tell city ~ 1870

Tell City was one of the hot spots of Huthsteiner immigrants from Hesse-Nassau during the 20th century.

Wilkes-Barre ~1889

The city where especially Hutsteiner families from Bavaria and Austria emigrated to.

Wetzlar ~1650

Wetzlar became the city where the first Hutsteiner from Saxony immigrated in Hesse.

Dillenburg ~ 1863

Dillenburg was the starting point for the Hesse-Nassau family lines.

Linz ~ 1840

This is the local capitol of Upper Austria the district where the Hamlet Hutstein is located in. Later in time several Hutsteiner families moved there.

Pfarrkirchen i.M. (nowadays)

This is the parish where the hamlet Hutstein is located, i.e. where all Hutsteiner families originated from.

Hofkirchen i.M. ~1816

Hofkirchen was the town from where Michael Hutsteiner fled to Saxony

Kollerschlag ~1908

Kollerschlag is still the hotspot for Hutsteiners nowadays. Several families are residing there.


Some very important Hutsteiner family member like both Christian Hutsteiner and Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner lived there and worked for at royal palace and directly for the King of Saxony.

Großenhain in 1902

In Großenhain and the region another important saxonian Huthsteiner family lived 

Borna ~1800

Borna was the city where lots of Huthsteiner tailors resided. 

Grimma ~ 1840

Some Huthsteiner families lived here, too.

Hartmannsdorf ~1840

Hartmannsdorf is the local place of origin of all Saxon Hutsteiner families.

Passau ~ 1860

This was the local capitol where Wegscheid belonged to. Over time several Hutsteiner families moved there.

Wegscheid ~1850

In Wegscheid the responsible, most important local court was located and most Hutsteiner families had members living there.


The most important village of my own family tree. several families originated here and distributed in this area.

Wildenranna before 1900

In Wildenranna my own family tree started.

Warsaw ~1770

Warsaw, the capitol of Poland, is the place where Christian Huthsteiner worked for the Saxon King in Poland and Col. Heinrich Christian Huthsteiner was born. 

Czech republic
Budweis 1641


Vitus Hutsteiner and his wife Eva moved from Wegscheid to the city of Budweis in Bohemia.


Neuhäusel / Nove Zamky 1665


Here Johann Adam Hutsteiner was born.


Rudolph Huthsteiner emigrated to Dunolly, Australia.

Dunolly in 1932


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