My grandparents




My grandparents

Franz Xaver Hutstein
Katharina Danzer


Franz Hutstein from Unterthannet took part in WWI at the western German front from the beginning. He got wounded 11.11.1914 and on 03.08.1916 captured by the French, fortunately ! He was at the killing fields of Verdun and during the battle at Fort Vaux where thousands of soldiers lost their life in vain. He was released after 4 years of captivity and came home in 1920.

Nevertheless, one of Franz Xaver’s hands stayed disabled after the war, that’s why he was not called to arms during World War II. 

Together with his wife Katharina he had three children: Franz Xaver, Josef and Katharina.

Franz Xaver





Mostln beim Hutstein 1953 – to the very right it is Franz Hutstein with his dog “Mendo”

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