Huestainer: this is the original spelling of Hutsteiner in the 16th century in Bavaria and Austria
Huettensteiner:  Huettensteiner: spelling found only in the dominion of Falkenstein and later in Hartmannsdorf, Saxony, till 1650s
Huettstainer Steiner was spelled as -stainer in Bavaria/Austria in former times, pronounciation identical
Huetsteiner according bavarian/austrian pronounciation, Hut- was most of the time spelled as Huet- until ~1650s
Hutsteiner The modern version since the 1700s
Hutstein:  in about 1800 some Hutsteiner lost the ending -er in church records, either by mistake or intentionally as part of a new fad
Huthsteiner: in Saxony and Hesse Hut- was often spelled as Huth- which changed Hutsteiner to Huthsteiner, mainly after 1700


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