III.2.1 From Saxony to Hesse

As already supposed the Saxonian Hutsteiner family members originated in a small village called Hartmannsdorf near Kirchberg, Zwickau. Michael Hutsteiner obviously was an immigrant there. Perhaps Michael came from Hesse-Nassau along with some of his dukes and counts. Or he was an exulant coming from Bavaria/Austria ?

His great-grandson, also named Michael Hutsteiner, moved to Hesse-Nassau.  Probably.

In 1734 Michael Hutsteiner, a doctor with some relations to the military, popped up in Dillenburg, Hessen-Nassau county. As with his great-grandfather in Hartmannsdorf it seems that he was an immigrant there, as no earlier records mention any Hutsteiner in Dillenburg. He became the forefather of all known Lutheran Huthsteiner family members in the whole region until present. He died in 1795 in Dillenburg aged 85. His recorded age fits perfectly to Michael Hutsteiner born 1709 in Hartmannsdorf.

But the death age would not allow to take such an assumption, but there are more things pinpointing to it – beside the fact that Michael Hutsteiner is a very uncommon name in Europe.

Michael Hutsteiner from Hartmannsdorf did not attend court when his fathers last will and contract was announced in Kirchberg/Zwickau on 3rd of July 1745 (likely because of the long distance to Dillenburg).

Also, the Hutsteiners had quite a good relation to the Saxonian court in Dresden as his uncle Christian was part of the government and working for the duke as a writer. It seems that most family members had quite a good standing in Saxony if we just look to their occupations:

  • grandfather Georg – mayor in Hartmannsdorf.
  • uncle Christian – working for the duke in Dresden directly
  • brother David – a judge in Hartmannsdorf
  • brother Christian – a head of Saxonian army corps in Poland.
  • and finally Michael: a doctor working at the court of Dillenburg ?

The Hutsteiner family in Saxony had quite good connections to the court of Dresden and the duke of Saxony.

Taking this into account it seems feasible that Michael Hutsteiner came from Saxony to Dillenburg as the prince of Nassau-Dillenburg was married to a duchess of Saxony.

This would fit…but documents confirming this have still to be searched for.


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