III.1 Catholic Line

Likely, the catholic family line in Westphalia / Hesse-Nassau was founded by migrant Carl Hutsteiner from Budweis, Czech republic. He immigrated to Martinsthal  around 1670. Martinsthal was part of the so called Rheingau, a county where socage and villeinage had been abolished. The link between Carl Hutsteiner to Johann Adam Hutstein, father of Philipp Jacob Hutstein is still hidden anywhere in the records, but due to rarity of the surname and geographical colocation it seems to be a correct tree.  


Still, first definite known member of the catholic line of Hutsteiners in Westphalia/Hessen-Nassau was Philipp Jacob Hutstein the forefather of a large family with generations of shepherds and one guy – Martin – who migrated to the UK years later after the Napoleonic wars. Obviously Philipp Jacob has been a convert, i.e. he converted from Lutheran religion to Catholicism.



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