The battle at Waterloo

August Hutsteiner was fighting at the battle at Waterloo against Napoleon’s french armies on 18th of June 1815.

Since 1814 August Hutsteiner, born in Meissen, Saxony, in 1786, was part of the 27th Jager company of the 15th infantry division of the royal Dutch army fighting with Wellington, the British army and the Prussian army. As August was born in Meissen it can be assumed that his father Daniel Hutsteiner was somehow part of the Christian Hutsteiner family, who also baptised their children in Meissen around ~1790 after the return of Warsaw and who had a close career to the army like his son August obviously had afterwards.

Like all Netherlands infantry battalions, the Battaillon Jagers No. 27 consisted of 6 companies and 1 depot company. [1] The 1st and the 6th Companies were designated as Flank Companies. [2] The official nomination of the companies was: Left and Right Flank Company and 1st-4th Centre Companies; but a simple numbering 1-6 was also used. The Flank Companies formed the elite units of the battalion, comprising the best men. [3]

Plate 2: A zoom-in of following Plate 1: this is a schematic view of the 3rd Centre Company of Kapitein de Nave in standard battle line formation, in 2 instead of 3 ranks since April 1815, with the prescribed standard positions of the various officers, N.C.O.’s etc. indicated. Each company consisted of 2 platoons; each platoon consisted of 2 sections. On the right of Kapitein de Nave’s company is also highlighted the Vaandelwacht [colour guard], adjoining on the left flank of the 2nd Platoon of the 2nd Centre Company of Kapitein de Burleux, which platoon consequently was referred to as Vaandel-peloton [colour platoon]. The position of the Colour Platoon as it is displayed here is that of the parade order: when the battalion advanced its 2nd rank would be in line with the companies’ first ranks; when firing its first rank would be in line with the companies’ 2nd rank.

Key: X Luitenant-kolonel; A 1e Luitenant-adjudant; C Kapitein; 1 1e Luitenant; 2 2e Luitenant; M Sergeant-majoor; S Sergeant; F Fourier; V Vaandeldrager; K Korporaal; T Tamboer; H Halvemaanblazer (engl.: Key: X Lieutenant Colonel; A 1st Lieutenant Adjutant; C Captain; 1 1st Lieutenant; 2 2nd Lieutenant; M Sergeant Major; S Sergeant; F Fourier; V Standard Bearer; K Corporal; T Drum; H Crescent blower)

Plate 1: A schematic view of the battalion in line formation, with the names of the Company Commanders and the Battalion Commander.



Plate 3: Part of the Bataljon Jagers No. 27 re-enactment group in action. Photograph by Robin Muilwijk.


typical Jager uniform

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