IV.3 Dresden line

Dresden approx. 1750

Dresden Hutsteiner families are descendants of family members who lived in Hartmannsdorf, i.e. of the Zwickau family lines.

The forefather of the Dresden families is Christian Huthsteiner. Obviously Christian followed his uncle Christian Hutsteiner who was working for the duke in Dresden. He died in Dresden  unmarried. Both, old and young Christian lived in the Schösselgasse, likely in the same house, close to the duke’s residence.

Due to his work at the court of Dresden and his movement with the duke to Warsaw, Poland, he converted to Catholicism and his children were baptised there.

Perhaps, Michael Hutsteiner, brother of young Christian followed them and eventually was sent to Dillenburg where he became the forefather of the Lutheran Hutsteiner families in Westphalia/Hessen Nassau.

The circumstances – why, when-  of this move are still to be researched.

descendants of Christian Hutsteiner in Dresden

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