III.2.3 Generations of Doctors

An interesting fact about the hessian protestant family line: there had been generations of doctors covering a time frame of at least 100 years.

Beginning with Michael Huthsteiner who was the first in a row of many individuals whose profession was doctor. He had been a  ‘Bader’ which is a little bit similar to a physician / healer.

His sons  Philipp Conrad  and Conrad  became doctors, too. Phillip Conrad serviced at the Hessen-Nassau army and finally ranked up to a ‘Regimentschirurgus’ (regiment’s surgeon).

Also Philipp Conrad’s sons Georg Friedrich and Johann Friedrich  got the profession of their father: doctor. Both studied in Marburg university a well known institute for medical studies even nowadays. Johann Friedrich ranked up to an ‘Obermedicinalrath’ and several papers can be found in archives stating his name and signature.

And finally also Johann Friedrich’s son Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig studied in Marburg university. Obviously went to Algier, Algeria, where he died in hospital (as stated by a short note in the Marburg university chronicals).

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