The American colonel

George Edward Huthsteiner born in Tell city, Indiana, 1891, joined the American army in April 1916 during World War I as a private at the Headquarters Company, Second Field Artillery, Ninth Cavalry. 

Major George E. Huthsteiner had been military Attaché to the three Baltic states and Finland from January 16th, 1939, until 1942. He reported about Soviet military power and the Soviet-Finnish winter war of 1939-1940. Huthsteiner was an American military diplomat, US Deputy Military Attorney in Tallinn, and eventually in the US Embassy in Helsinki, who succeeded in obtaining accurate military information from 1941 to 1942 on Germany’s ‘Operation Barbarossa’, the attack on the Soviet Union.

(Lt. Stanley W. Lipski (centre), U.S. Military Attaché to Finland George Edward Huthsteiner (2d from left), and Finnish officers with large gun, ca. 1940. Lipski Family Collection (MS 357). Special Collections and University Archives, University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries)
George-E-.-Huthsteiner-inspecting-Finnish-dragoon-drills-in-Karhumaeki 17.09.1942








George E. Huthsteiner was awarded several medals abroad: the Kotkaristi Teenetemärk (III) – Order of the Cross of the Eagle in 1940 (3rd class, Estonia ), the Officer Cross of The Order of The White Cross (Finland) and the Order of the Three Stars (2nd class, Latvia)

Order of the Cross of the Eagle (Estonia 1928-1940)
Order-of-the-White-Cross (Finland)
Order-of-the-three-stars (Latvia)







After the war Huthsteiner was head of the equitation department cavalry school, Fort Riley, Kansas.

George E. Huthsteiner was promoted First Lieutenant from June, 5th, 1917 and Captain from July, 1st 1920. On Sept., 22nd, 1934 he became Major, on July, 1st, January, 1940, he was promoted Lieutenant Colonel and later, on December 24, 1941, colonel, the highest rank he achieved in American regular army. He was retired on Sept., 30th, 1943 due to disability in line of duty and died in Los Angeles county 1967.

Finnish-German-Italian-French-American(Huthsteiner, 4th r.)-Japanese-in-front-of-Lenins-statue-in-Finnish-occupied-Petrozavodsk-2-October-1942

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