I.9 Known top ancestors of living families

I.9 Known top ancestors of living families

The documented top ancestors of living families are following persons:

Michael Hutsteiner is the forefather of all saxonian Hutsteiner and of most Huthsteiner in Hesse-Nassau and the US.

Thomas Hutsteiner is the forefather of Hutsteiners who moved away from Wegscheid to the parish Schönberg and later on he became the ancestor of all Hutstein family members in Bavaria, too.

Thomas Hutsteiner is the top ancestor of all living Hutsteiner families originating in Aiglsöd, parish Wegscheid, who still have the family farm operated there since 1666. He is the forefather of a smaller group of Hutsteiner in the US, too.

Simon Hutsteiner is the ancestor of all Hutsteiner families in Kollerschlag and Mistlberg, Upper Austria.

Michael Hutsteiner is the father of Martin and Coloman Hutsteiner with their large families and descendants in Niederwegscheid and perhaps the only known Hutsteiner in this list who was born at the hamlet Hutstein.

Johann Adam Hutstein was the starting point of all catholic Hutsteiner family members in Hessen Nassau and e.g. forefather of UK emigrants.

Blasius Hutsteiner was the forefather of a large family originating in Kasberg, a small village close to Wegscheid.

The large family of Blasius’s father Simon Hutsteiner followed by Julius Hutsteiner in Kasberg disappeared during history. Only Blasius Hutsteiner’s descendants remained.






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