II.1.4 In family hands since 1666


Aiglsöd – Google Earth view 2020

A farm at Aiglsöd, municipality of Wegscheid, is in family hands since 1666, i.e. approximately 350 years or 10 generations.

First owner was Thomas Hutsteiner who likely bought this farm or was awarded the fief there at a time when Wegscheid and surroundings was hit by the pestilence heavily.

In the Urbar of 1643 there was no Hutsteiner at Aiglsöd.  Likely, the entire farm was the farm of Jakob Weisheipl, which was quite large, about 1.5x the usual fief size. The Weisheipl family does not occur in Aiglsöd after 1658 anymore.

Thomas was followed by his son Paul. Finally, Alois Hutsteiner, Thomas 8x great-grandson took over the farm in the 1980s.


10 generations sequence of Hutsteiner farm owners in Aiglsöd:
Thomas -> Paul -> Philipp -> Mathias -> Mathias -> Josef -> Johann -> Alois -> Alois -> Alois



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