In the Mühlviertel, the part of Upper Austria where hamlet Hutstein is located, there had been several dominions which influenced our Hutsteiner forefathers’ history in some way.

The most important ones were:



Dominion Rannariedl 1554

As already mentioned before our ancestors originated at Hutstein within the dominions of Rannariedl and Falkenstein. In 1620 the guardian of Falkenstein, Heinrich Salburger, bought the dominion Rannariedl, the dominion to which one of the two fiefs at the hamlet Hutstein was subjected to. So, Rannariedl and Falkenstein were united after 370 years again.


Tamel Huestainer was the first one in 1509 and a underling of dominion Rannariedl.


castle Rannariedl 1674
castle Rannariedl nowadays






Known Hutsteiner underlings:

Tameln Hutsteiner, Stephan Hutsteiner, Bartholomaeus Hutsteiner



Dominion Falkenstein 1537


Later, in 1537 Hanns became a Hutsteiner within the dominion Falkenstein





Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist 1024px-Falkenstein_Vischer.jpg
castle Falkenstein 1674
castle Falkenstein ~1900






Known Hutsteiner underlings:

Hanns Hutsteiner, Pangraz Hutsteiner


Altenhof – Hochhaus 1607



Known Hutsteiner underlings:





castle Hochhaus 1674








Known Hutsteiner underlings:



Falkenstein, Hochhaus and parts of Rannariedl united and the main castle moved to Altenhof, where the counts of Falkenstein settled from … , the castle of Falkenstein felt in ruins





castle Altenhof 1674
castle Altenhof nowadays







Known Hutsteiner underlings:

Michael Hutsteiner



Until 1605 there was no evidence of any Hutsteiner recorded in the dominion of Marsbach.






Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist marsbach_u_00.jpg
castle Marsbach 1674
castle Marsbach nowadays







Known Hutsteiner underlings:








city of Eferding and Starhemberg castle 1649









Known Hutsteiner underlings:













castle Pürnstein 1674
castle Pürnstein nowadays








Known Hutsteiner underlings:






castle Sprinzenstein
castle Sprinzenstein nowadays







Known Hutsteiner underlings:







Passau / Wegscheid

Our miller Lienhardt Huetstainer was an underling of the Pfleggericht Wegscheid, a part of the Abbey Passau






City Passau


Passau nowadays






Known Hutsteiner underlings:

Lienhardt Hutsteiner, Simon Hutsteiner, Michael Hutsteiner, Joseph Hutsteiner, Martin Hutsteiner, Coloman Hutsteiner






Götzendorf ~1630








castle Götzendorf 1674
castle Götzendorf nowadays







Known Hutsteiner underlings:









castle Ottensheim 1674
castle Ottensheim nowadays






Known Hutsteiner underlings:

Andreas Hutsteiner  






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