II.2.5 Other inhabitants of Hutstein

At the Hutstein there is one other house which is called the ‘Tuschlhäusl’, a house between the hamlets Hutstein and Vatersreith. First birth records in the Tuschlhäusl were recorded around 1748. Likely, the house was erected by Mathias Tusch who was best man at the marriage of Bartholomäus Hutsteiner, son of Zacharias Hutsteiner, in Sarleinsbach, June 1670. 

Hutstein approx. 1777

During the 1670s to 1750s following families were residents at the Hutstein, too, : Zinhobler, Scheiblberger, Wandschambler, Schäringer, Peterreiter, Peer, Pass, Oberngruber, Nöslböck, Menersdorfer, Leithner, Krottenthaler, Jungwirth, First and Fleischmann. Most of them had been servant and maids at the Hutstein farms and residents at Hutstein for a few years only.

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