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A brief history of the Hutsteiner family

Current state of research The Hutstein was first mentioned in documents in 1509 when Tameln (=Thomas) paid taxes to the Rannariedl lordship on Huestain from one fief. Over time, this became a small hamlet close to the Hutstein rock and known as hamlet Hutstein, with a farm belonging to the Rannariedl dominion and another farm belonging to the Falkenstein dominion and much later with some additional houses. I.2 Once upon a time frame | HUTSTEIN […]... Read More


Our family originated at a single place: the hamlet Hutstein in Upper Austria, very close to the Bavarian border and the town of Wegscheid. II.2.1 Hamlet Hutstein | HUTSTEIN Origins Over time there had been formed six major family lines at three specific areas in Germany: in Saxony in Westphalia/Hesse-Nassau in Bavaria/Austria  Some of the families disappeared over time, e.g. all saxonian families.  ... Read More
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I. General

Our family surname obviously originated in the vicinity of the hamlet Hutstein in Upper Austria, close to the border to Bavaria, town Wegscheid.  A ‘Hutstein’ or ‘Hutestein’  in former times had been a landmark for pasture areas. It is derived from the german words ‘hüten’ which means ‘to guard’. And ‘-stein’, in English ‘stone’ or ‘rock’. But here we are not talking about small stones to show the pasture areas’ or region’s border, but natural […]... Read More