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II.1.2 The Hutsteiner lodge

In Breitenberg there is still existing an original old Hutsteiner home. a small house which nowadays accommodates a weaver craftmanship museum. You may visit the Hutsteiner lodge there: Webereimuseum Breitenberg | Bayerischer Wald ( It was home to the family of descendants of Georg Hutsteiner in Ungarsteig, Breitenberg, who had been working as weavers.  ... Read More
straubinger wirt

II.1.3 Hutstein Atzing

  Another important place for all HUTSTEIN families around Vilshofen is Atzing. Three Brothers set up 3 family lines from there, which I’m calling the Vilshofen, Anleng and Unterthannet line due to their major setup locations: the Vilshofen line was founded by Bernhard Hutstein the Anleng line was founded by Karl Baptist Hutstein the Unterthannet line was founded by Joseph Hutstein. Their father Johann Baptist Hutstein had a beer pub called ‘Straubinger Wirt’, which still […]... Read More

16 children

Karl Baptist Hutstein, one of the Hutstein brothers from Atzing, parish Beutelsbach, who moved to Anleng, parish Uttlau, had 16 children with his wife Therese. Nowadays we are wondering about this number of children. 16 children is quite a lot and at that time 16 had been a lot, too, but to have 10 and more children was not so unusual. In another family I counted even 24 children. But the unusual thing here is […]... Read More
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Hutstein in Unterthannet

  Joseph Hutstein settled in Unterthannet, a village close to the market Ortenburg.  Some time he was working in Vorderschloß a settlement in the direct vicinity of the castle of Ortenburg where he met his wife Karolina Eglseder.       Later, in 1893 he bought at an auction the farm in Unterthannet, which was publicly known as the ‘Langsepp’ farm.            There are family legends that Joseph was quite a […]... Read More