The Themel Hutsteiner farm

The very first Hutsteiner farm located at the Hutstein in Upper Austria was founded between 1488 and 1509. In the Urbar of 1488 no farm at the Hutstein was mentioned while 1509 Tameln (=Thomas) already paid his taxes there, so it was founded and the wood was cleared there in the years before 1509.

The first farm at Hutstein: the Themel Hutsteiner farm

The size of the farm was: “9 Tagwerk” (= ~ 9 x 3407 square meters) fields, “4 Tagwerk” (= ~ 4 x 3407 square meters) meadows und “ein Tagwerk” (= ~ 3407 square meters) forest.

Around 1750 Michael Grubauer at this farm reported 4 oxen, 4 cows, a single sheep and 2 pigs.

The later founded second farm at Hutstein within the dominion of Falkenstein was of same size originally.

The first, the Rannariedl farm, had to pay  taxes, the so called tenth, directly to the parish of Pfarrkirchen i.M., where original documents from 1600 and following are available. According to these documents in 1613, more than a century after its foundation, this farm was still called the “Themel” Hutsteiner farm, which refers to the very first inhabitant of the farm, Thomas. 

part of church balances, stating the Themel Hutsteiner in 1613

Nowadays this farm does still exist with expanded it territories. 

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